(urth) Typo in _Starwater Strains_?

Mark Millman millman at heimdallr.dyndns.org
Wed Aug 24 23:10:57 PDT 2005

Dear list members,

Mr. Rabin is correct.  The word in _Starwater Strains_
(on page 217, paragraph 5, line 1) is misprinted as
"stories".  The Cheap Street chapbook (it's the press'
solstice greeting for 1985) has "stones" in that sen-
tence (page 7, paragraph 2, line 2).  The opposition
that Wolfe employs is between "shining stones of At-
lantis" for most of the story, and "shining stones of
Uranus" in the final instance.  He does not appear ex-
plicitly to contrast "stones" with "stories".

I'm afraid that mournings glory refers to the fourth
instance, in which the boy chases away the magic woman
from the hills, the sorceress.  It occurs in paragraph
7 on page 217.  The instance to which Mr. Rabin refers
is the third, in which the boy drives away the clever-
est man in the village, its mayor.

Nice catch, Mr. Rabin.


Mark Millman

On Wed, 24 Aug 2005, Dan Rabin wrote:

> On p. 217 of _Starwater Strains_
> (U.S. hardbound), in "The Boy Who
> Hooked the Sun", the phrase "pelt-
> ed him with the shining stones of
> Atlantis" is a recurring motif,
> except at what would be its third
> occurrence, where it is printed
> as "pelted him with the shining
> stories of Atlantis".
> Given the similar appearance of
> "stories" and "stones", I think
> this is likely to be a mis-tran-
> scription somewhere along the
> line, not some encoding of "the
> story that is a stone" or "the
> story among the stones" or "third
> 'stone' from the Sun" or anything.
> If anyone reading this has access
> to the Cheap Street chapbook,
> could you tell us how the word
> appears in that edition?
>   -- Dan Rabin

And on Thu, 25 Aug 2005, mournings
glory replied:

> "But the boy only laughed at her
> and pelted her with the shining
> stones of Atlantis, with agates
> and alexandrites, moonstones and
> onyxes, rubies, sardonyxes, and
> sapphires..."
> Is this the third instance? If
> so it reads as written, with
> "stones, not "stories."

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