(urth) Typo in _Starwater Strains_?

mournings glory mourningsglory at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 24 22:43:51 PDT 2005

>On p. 217 of _Starwater Strains_ (U.S. hardbound), in "The Boy Who Hooked 
>the Sun", the phrase "pelted him with the shining stones of Atlantis" is a 
>recurring motif, except at what would be its third occurrence, where it is 
>printed as "pelted him with the shining stories of Atlantis".

>If anyone reading this has access to the Cheap Street chapbook, could you 
>tell us how the word appears in that edition?

"But the boy only laughed at her and pelted her with the shining stones of 
Atlantis, with agates and alexandrites, moonstones and onyxes, rubies, 
sardonyxes, and sapphires..."

Is this the third instance? If so it reads as written, with "stones, not 

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