(urth) Travelin' Jahlee

James Wynn thewynns at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 17 04:51:05 PDT 2005

>Now that's a problem. Not for Jahlee's personal timeline, but in general.
>Landers can't account for the Crossing stories she heard. Assuming Wolfe
>just didn't make a mistake, that would require a pool of sentient inhumi in
>place on Green *before* Auk's lander arrived, inhumi who had made the trip
>during a conjunction prior to the exodus.
>Who might those sentient inhumi
>have fed on? Worse, there would have to have been people on Blue for them
>feed on, otherwise they would have been making a very dangerous trip for no
>I know of no textual evidence or justification for believing there were any
>humans on Blue before Horn's lander put down. Something stinks.

Since Quetzal was on the lander, we know there were likely sentient inhumi
on Green. Wolfe has *said* Quetzal was not the only inhumi on the Whorl. His
existence shows that the inhumi had on the Whorl for at least forty years
and would be well ensconced among the Cargo. In fact, they probably brought
a few with them both to Blue and to Green (perhaps even on Auk's lander).
Sooo...it is reasonable to presume that the sentient inhumi on Green would
have heard about landers arriving at Blue.

I think I'm missing an important facet of your question.

Why the heck did the Neighbors use inhumi to "study" humans anyway? They
would permit them to study human souls. But for what purpose? What useful
knowledge did they gain from such experiments?


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