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Fri Aug 12 22:07:38 PDT 2005

But, Roy, whatever the floorplan this passage causes you to imagine,
surely the passage that starts with...

"This way," Potto told him, and pushed him through a door and into a
gorgeous room full of lounging soldiers..."

and ends with...

"Blood and Maytera Marble were sitting side-by-side when Potto shoved Silk
into the room; he was so surprised to see her for a moment he failed to
notice Chenille, Xiphias, and a drooping augur lined up against the wall."

...is the relevant one and that passage makes it clear that Silk is only
passing from one room to another, and the entire group is sitting in the
"gorgeous room full of lounging soldiers". Otherwise, you have to *imagine*
Silk, Potto, and Sand filing into a "hall" (an event not described)
containing not just Marble and Blood but literally everybody else as well.
And this "hall" contains shelves with knick-knacks and a window as well.

>No, it isn't different in any edition. There are two rooms in question
>here, the one "full of lounging soldiers and armored men" and the room
>where he meeting was held and Blood died. It isn't a matter of opinion.
>If you need further elaboration, it exists.
>When Marble came to the front door of the house, the door was opened and
>she saw that the room it opened on contained "soldiers, and bios in
>silvered armor." (CALDE, Tor paperback, 327) Blood was standing behind
>them. She goes on to describe the room as "the hall". Following some banter
>with Blood, who wanted some privacy, he said to her (next page):
>"You'd probably like to sit. I know I would. Come in here, and I think
> we can settle this."
>He showed her into a paneled drawing room and shut the door firmly. "My
>boys are getting edgy," he explained, "and that gets me edgy around them."
> ------------------------------------

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