(urth) Has anyone heard of C. S. Cooney?

JWillard aldenweer at charter.net
Wed Aug 10 20:33:29 PDT 2005

Maru Dubshinki wrote:

>On 8/10/05, Jason Willard <funesmem6 at msn.com> wrote:
>>I just got my copy of Starwater Strains and the dedication says the title is
>>from a poem by C. S. Cooney called "Lady Rosemary."  Rosemary I get, of
>>course, but is Mr. Wolfe in the habit of making up poets?  I can't find this
>>poet mentioned in Google or Wikipedia or ABE Books.  (As fabulous as they
>>are, admittedly limited sources.)  Am I missing something obvious?  Has
>>Wolfe used this as a pseudonym? 
>There is a man of letters by the name of "Seamus Cooney".  Cooney is
>not a common last name at all, and that fellow has at least one of the
>right initials.  But he doesn't appear to have authored any poems,
>rather just edited a lot of poems and letters by such luminaries as
>Charles Bukowski; there is an Irish principal who likes poetry, but
>that seems unlikely; and it doesn't appear to be a code of some sort-
>at least, the most significant anagram is "Once Cosy". Perhaps you
>could copy the poem, if Wolfe included it (or did he simply mention it
>in passing?).
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It reads:

"The title of this book is taken from "Lady Rosemary," a poem by C. S. 
Cooney;  and this book is dedicated to them."

That's it.  Three possibilities (as far as I can see):  Cooney is an 
obscure poet (and Wolfe does seem to have some obscure things in his 
library); something's misprinted; or someone's doing some leg-pulling.  
Thanks for the feedback!

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