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>Before we talk about what the Increate does and does not
>consider a sin (and what is up with that name? A naive reading
>of it would make me think of a pan-theist cosmology but I'm
>pretty sure that's not what Wolfe means.),

I think it may be a panentheistic set up (God permeates and transcends 
nature - hence the Increate refers to God active in Creation, the Pancreator 
refers to God transcending nature; analogies to Spinoza can probably be 
drawn here).   Panentheism could be viewed as either the taking of certain 
aspects of classical theism or pantheism to their logical conclusion, or as 
a combination of aspects of the two (as in process theism).  It _might_ be 
what Wolfe means, but I'm unwilling to bet on it at this point.


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