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Roy C. Lackey wrote:

> Jeff Wilson quoted and wrote:
>>Andrew Bollen wrote:
>>>But there is a fundamental question about Sev's apocalypse which remains
>>>very unclear to me. How do Abaia and the others fit into this? Very
>>>simply, a global inundation isn't something which is going to cause them
>>>much grief; and indeed we see the undines leaping from the waves (or
>>>something like that) to greet the New Sun.
>>The flood may not be world-wide; indeed if the Increate is the God of
>>the Old Testament, that would be in keeping with His promise not to
>>destroy the world by water a second time. The undines may be momentarily
>>flourishing because they are feasting on the creatures drowned by the
>>flood of Gyoll's basin.
> No, no. The flood is world-wide. That's the whole point of it. As Tzadkiel
> said to Severian:
> "You are the New Sun. You will be returned to your Urth, and the White
> Fountain will go with you. The death agonies of the world you know will be
> offered to the Increate. And they will be indescribable -- continents will
> founder, as has been said. Much that is beautiful will perish, and with it
> most of your race; but your home will be reborn." (Urth, p-153)
> And, on the same page:
> "My son will see that you are returned to Briah and Urth, which will be
> destroyed at your order."

So the flood is so widespread as to make no differenece. Hmm...the 
agonies being offered to the Increate suggests it is a non-divine party 
doing the destroying, but who?

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