(urth) Piaton; apocalypse

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Mon Sep 27 20:39:32 PDT 2004

Jeff Wilson quoted and wrote:

>Andrew Bollen wrote:
>> But there is a fundamental question about Sev's apocalypse which remains
>> very unclear to me. How do Abaia and the others fit into this? Very
>> simply, a global inundation isn't something which is going to cause them
>> much grief; and indeed we see the undines leaping from the waves (or
>> something like that) to greet the New Sun.
>The flood may not be world-wide; indeed if the Increate is the God of
>the Old Testament, that would be in keeping with His promise not to
>destroy the world by water a second time. The undines may be momentarily
>flourishing because they are feasting on the creatures drowned by the
>flood of Gyoll's basin.

No, no. The flood is world-wide. That's the whole point of it. As Tzadkiel
said to Severian:

"You are the New Sun. You will be returned to your Urth, and the White
Fountain will go with you. The death agonies of the world you know will be
offered to the Increate. And they will be indescribable -- continents will
founder, as has been said. Much that is beautiful will perish, and with it
most of your race; but your home will be reborn." (Urth, p-153)

And, on the same page:

"My son will see that you are returned to Briah and Urth, which will be
destroyed at your order."


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