(urth) Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell: It's not really Lupine, but ...

William Ansley wansley at warwick.net
Mon Oct 4 21:12:33 PDT 2004

Even though it won't satisfy anyone who primarily reads Wolfe for the 
complexity and obscurity of his books, I still recommend _Jonathan 
Strange and Mr. Norrell_ by Susanna Clarke to the members of this 
list. I certainly think this book will appeal to those among you who 
enjoy John Crowley, although again, it is quite a different reading 

JS & Mr. N is a charmingly and quite well-written book about an 
alternative England, set in the early 19th century and written in the 
voice of an author of the period. Although the book is long (782 
pages in hardcover) and occasionally seemed to be proceeding at too 
deliberate a pace, having finished it I cannot say that I begrudge 
Ms. Clarke a single page. I must add that Susanna Clarke is 
particularly sound on fairies.

William Ansley

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