(urth) Best order to read Sun books?

William Ansley wansley at warwick.net
Mon Oct 4 20:34:03 PDT 2004

At 1:51 PM -0500 9/29/04, James Wynn wrote:
>New Sun I
>Castle of the Otter (aka "Castle of Days")
>"Best of Crank" containing "Empires of Foilage and Flower"

I have to endorse reading _Castle of Days_ (CAD), although I would 
read the entire Book of the New Sun (BOTNS) (_Shadow of the 
Torturer_, _Claw of the Conciliator_, Sword of the Lictor_ and 
_Citadel of the Autarch_) first, then CAD. In fact, you don't need to 
read all of CAD, just the part that is _Castle of the Otter_ (CATO). 
CAD is a volume that combines CATO and _Gene Wolfe's Book of Days_, 
both of which were relatively short books that had gone out of print.

You might also consider reading the short story, "A Solar Labyrinth" 
in _Storeys from the Old Hotel_ right after BOTNS and consider what 
relation, if any, it has to the longer work.

William Ansley

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