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Well, east is east and west is west. Everything else can change. The map 
itself is drawn north-up, but northwest is still northwest.

On 12/7/2020 7:20 PM, Fernando Gouvea wrote:
> A flipped globe is certainly possible, given the map in /Plan[e]t 
> Engineering. /It looks very much like a mirror-image South America. It 
> didn't occur to me to see if it might be� a plausible "south-up" South 
> America, but it doesn't seem so, especially since Wolfe's notation 
> says "northwest area of the Commonwealth".
> Is anyone copying the folks at Centipede Press on this discussion?
> Fernando
> On 12/7/2020 5:13 PM, Davud Stockhoff wrote:
>> There is a theory about how far Wolfe took the reversal thing. I am 
>> not sure I can describe it verbally, but it involves moving Bueno 
>> Aires to the other side of the Andes by flipping the globe. It seems 
>> to work.
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