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On 06/12/2020 13:54, Fernando Gouvea wrote:
> Centipede Press <jerad at centipedepress.com> asks:
>>         Okay. I might be sorry I asked this, but who are the “Gene
>>         Wolfe” people out there? As you know, I am doing new editions
>>         of the six-book /The Book of the New Sun/ series. One nice
>>         thing to have would be new maps. I found an artist in France
>>         who does this sort of work with flair and panache, but the
>>         artist is looking for help with the basic structure of the
>>         The Book of the New Sun’s world. If you’re the Gene Wolfe fan
>>         who obsesses over this, and has rigorously analyzed all of
>>         the maps thus far created (there’s one on Wikipedia, and one
>>         created by Gurps, too, among several others) — your help is
>>         requested with this project. All I need to know is what is
>>         (are) considered the most regarded and considered the most
>>         accurate map(s). My map maker can extrapolate from there and
>>         make it into something amazing. If you’re that person, who’s
>>         really really /really/ into this, and who knows the subject
>>         backwards and forwards, please give me a shout!
Interesting - though I can't help suspecting that Wolfe would be 
disappointed if he let enough details slip to make any sort of 
definitive map possible!

The popular hypothesis, as I'm sure you know, is that the Commonwealth 
is based in South America and Gyoll is the Amazon. Though this rather 
begs the question of what happened to Europe, Asia and Africa, as no 
other continents are mentioned - unless one counts those that will 
supposedly rise from the sea in the wake of the New Sun's devastation.

- Gerry Quinn

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