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Sun Sep 22 13:52:34 PDT 2019

We just realized that we never sent a note to the list about our new

ReReading Wolfe!


(You can also get it on just about any podcast app, but let us know if it's
not on your favorite.)

James Wynn and Craig Brewer have started a chapter-by-chapter rereading
podcast of the Book of the New Sun. (Yes, we know Alzabo Soup just
finished, but we hope to be different enough to warrant a listen.) We
wanted to treat this as a reread with all spoiler warnings removed. We
assume that anyone listening will have read the whole thing, and we want to
discuss each chapter with all other books, connected stories, and theories
in mind. So we talk a lot about things that were discussed on this list, on
Reddit, and on other online/print forums.

We hope you'll take a listen! Chapter 4 will be out today (Sunday), and the
rest are there. We've already recorded conversations with Nigel Price (of
Ultan's Library) and Joan Gordon, and we hope to chat with other
"notables," too. :)

We hope you enjoy it, and we prioritize talking about feedback to make it
as much like the old discussions on this list as possible.


Craig and James
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