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It's the 'carabou' the original anthropologist shoots, early in V.R.T.  
Page 169 of Gollancz Masterworks edition.  It says the carcass weighed 
fifteen pounds, but it seems an obvious misprint for fifteen hundred.

- Gerry Quinn

On 01/05/2019 16:00, DAVID wrote:
> Yes. This kind of thing is usually handled directly by an executor, 
> such as a child of the author, if not an executive editor.
> It's the proofreading that seems to create the trouble, since this is 
> not done by either role. It's the proofreader's job to flag things 
> that *could* be wrong but it's the editor's job to follow the 
> authorial responses. In Wolfe's case that probably means ignoring most 
> of the flags.
> I can't find my 5HC. Can anyone identify the object that is to be read 
> as weighing either 15 or 1500 pounds?
> On 5/1/2019 10:45 AM, Gerry Quinn wrote:
>> I think they will edit it and proof-read it regardless.?? I would 
>> assume that a posthumous editor will generally edit with a relatively 
>> light hand (since he cannot consult the author), attend to any notes 
>> (if Wolfe ever used them) and write an addendum outlining editorial 
>> decisions.
>> - Gerry Quinn
>> On 01/05/2019 14:59, Ant??nio Pedro Marques wrote:
>>> I would love something along the lines of
>>> 'Due to the complex and often tricky nature of Mr Wolfe's writing, 
>>> and since he is not here anymore to review the final edit, we've 
>>> decided to print the text as received, with no editing whatsoever, 
>>> the way that would be done for a scholarly print of a historical 
>>> book. Editing with Mr Wolfe's cooperation would have been the ideal, 
>>> but under the circumstances we prefer to let the readers do it by 
>>> themselves rather than introduce our own view.'
>>> No dia 01/05/2019, ??s 02:58, Eric Bourland <eb at hwaet.com 
>>> <mailto:eb at hwaet.com>> escreveu:
>>>> >>> Have to make the tone just right.
>>>> I too was wondering about this. I guess we should not just stomp up 
>>>> to the gates of Tor Castle and demand oversight of the editing, 
>>>> although in fact this was my first inclination. I'll take a shot at 
>>>> it. This is just a draft, a suggestion, a place to begin. It's 
>>>> challenging to say, in a kind tone, we don't trust your editing esp 
>>>> with Hartwell gone; please don't *$#@! this up. Maybe this . . . .
>>>> Dear Editors,
>>>> Hello. We're a group of readers from the Urth Mailing List, a 
>>>> mailing list established in 1996 to discuss the writing of Gene 
>>>> Wolfe. We mourn the passing of Mr. Wolfe.
>>>> We are all looking forward eagerly to reading Mr. Wolfe's last 
>>>> novel, Interlibrary Loan. As a group, we also mourn the fact that 
>>>> Mr. Wolfe is not available to review the manuscript galleys.
>>>> Mr. Wolfe's writing is subtle and precise. In the past, his 
>>>> manuscripts have suffered under the pens of well-meaning 
>>>> copyeditors and proofreaders. Typically, when Wolfe receives edited 
>>>> galleys, he responds with STET to many well-intended but erroneous 
>>>> edits. Even small edits, like turning a letter to uppercase, or 
>>>> changing a pronoun, can ruin the intended effect of the story. 
>>>> Every scene, every sentence, every word is chosen and developed 
>>>> with utmost care. Many times, something that seems like an error, 
>>>> is not an error, but a carefully considered component of the story.
>>>> Among our group we have dedicated and prominent Wolfe scholars. We 
>>>> would be delighted to offer our assistance during the editorial 
>>>> phase of publishing Interlibrary Loan. We are available to consult 
>>>> with your editorial team as needed, to help publish Mr. Wolfe's 
>>>> last novel as close as possible to Mr. Wolfe's intentions. Our 
>>>> services are offered pro bono, simply because this book means a 
>>>> great deal to all of us.
>>>> Please let us know if we can assist. Thanking you for your time we 
>>>> remain
>>>> The Urth List
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>>>> I guess I will formulate a sample one and see if we can agree on 
>>>> the verbiage. Have to make the tone just right.
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