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I think they will edit it and proof-read it regardless.  I would assume 
that a posthumous editor will generally edit with a relatively light 
hand (since he cannot consult the author), attend to any notes (if Wolfe 
ever used them) and write an addendum outlining editorial decisions.

- Gerry Quinn

On 01/05/2019 14:59, António Pedro Marques wrote:
> I would love something along the lines of
> 'Due to the complex and often tricky nature of Mr Wolfe's writing, and 
> since he is not here anymore to review the final edit, we've decided 
> to print the text as received, with no editing whatsoever, the way 
> that would be done for a scholarly print of a historical book. Editing 
> with Mr Wolfe's cooperation would have been the ideal, but under the 
> circumstances we prefer to let the readers do it by themselves rather 
> than introduce our own view.'
> No dia 01/05/2019, às 02:58, Eric Bourland <eb at hwaet.com 
> <mailto:eb at hwaet.com>> escreveu:
>> >>> Have to make the tone just right.
>> I too was wondering about this. I guess we should not just stomp up 
>> to the gates of Tor Castle and demand oversight of the editing, 
>> although in fact this was my first inclination. I'll take a shot at 
>> it. This is just a draft, a suggestion, a place to begin. It's 
>> challenging to say, in a kind tone, we don't trust your editing esp 
>> with Hartwell gone; please don't *$#@! this up. Maybe this . . . .
>> Dear Editors,
>> Hello. We're a group of readers from the Urth Mailing List, a mailing 
>> list established in 1996 to discuss the writing of Gene Wolfe. We 
>> mourn the passing of Mr. Wolfe.
>> We are all looking forward eagerly to reading Mr. Wolfe's last novel, 
>> Interlibrary Loan. As a group, we also mourn the fact that Mr. Wolfe 
>> is not available to review the manuscript galleys.
>> Mr. Wolfe's writing is subtle and precise. In the past, his 
>> manuscripts have suffered under the pens of well-meaning copyeditors 
>> and proofreaders. Typically, when Wolfe receives edited galleys, he 
>> responds with STET to many well-intended but erroneous edits. Even 
>> small edits, like turning a letter to uppercase, or changing a 
>> pronoun, can ruin the intended effect of the story. Every scene, 
>> every sentence, every word is chosen and developed with utmost care. 
>> Many times, something that seems like an error, is not an error, but 
>> a carefully considered component of the story.
>> Among our group we have dedicated and prominent Wolfe scholars. We 
>> would be delighted to offer our assistance during the editorial phase 
>> of publishing Interlibrary Loan. We are available to consult with 
>> your editorial team as needed, to help publish Mr. Wolfe's last novel 
>> as close as possible to Mr. Wolfe's intentions. Our services are 
>> offered pro bono, simply because this book means a great deal to all 
>> of us.
>> Please let us know if we can assist. Thanking you for your time we remain
>> The Urth List
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>> I guess I will formulate a sample one and see if we can agree on the 
>> verbiage. Have to make the tone just right.
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