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>>> I have done much head-shaking and cringing at the treatment of women in GW’s novels

I, too. So has my wife. =)


Gem, welcome to Urth. Enjoy your stay. I've learned a great deal from this list over the years.


best from Eric



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Yes, I’m reading through the entire list! (Except for posts about orbits of Blue and Green or astronomical researches into the location of St. Croix and St Anne…all that science is beyond me, and I’m not sure it would affect my enjoyment of the novels if I did understand it.) Your posts brought a breath of fresh air to the list, imho. Although I may not always agree with your theories, they provided a fresh perspective. I especially admire how you stuck to your guns in the face of challenges from minds I find daunting! And at Ultan’s Library I see you received a Hugo nomination in 2016…return to reputability indeed!





Hi David,

Blokey kind of writer for sure! Although I have done much head-shaking and cringing at the treatment of women in GW’s novels, the beauty of his language, the fantastic mysteriousness and deep philosophizing of his books kept me reading. One summer I read the entire New Sun series aloud to a friend. Amazing! Considering how much GW loves nesting verbal storytelling within written stories, it shouldn’t have surprised me how evocative his books would be real aloud. I also read Soldier of the Mist aloud to a friend.

For some reason, this sentence has always stuck with me: “Perhaps I am to be mad as well as clouded of memory, and this voice was a phantom of that all-obscuring mist”. Wonderful on the tongue. I give Wolfe a pass for his portrayal of women in the soldier books, remembering a book by Sarah B. Pomeroy Goddesses, Whores, Wives, and Slaves: Women in Classical Antiquity. That title sums up the female characters in the soldier books, so I believe in this case Wolfe was being authentic to the time period.



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