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I am wondering what result we would get if, individually and noisily, we reached out to Tor editors and implored them to do basic proofreading on the new novel, but make no changes in its substance, and publish it as Mr. Wolfe wrote it. I am willing to act on this.







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One hopes. Yes that’s how I feel about those who would edit Wolfe.he can create meaning in so many ways that every reader will certainly miss, especially in his post 2000 work.  

(I’m glad cell phones made top posting the de facto response - I remember the days of the list when it was a sin.) I have always preferred it. 

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I'm reminded of a scene from The Insider, although Mr. Wolfe would probably not ever take this tone:

 <https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/724e8b4b-0515-48cf-b7f2-e49501158ca4> https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/724e8b4b-0515-48cf-b7f2-e49501158ca4


Surely any editor would know by now that Gene Wolfe chose his words with care?







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