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On 05-Sep-18 12:36 PM, Dan'l Danehy-Oakes wrote:
> The criminal on the scaffold in Silk's enlightenment? Obviously Jesus. 
> Who says enlightenment only works backwards?
> I suspect that Severian _does_ lie, or at least makes mistakes. There 
> are little contradictions in his account that don't jibe with him having 
> perfect memory *and* truthfulness.

  On Wed, Sep 5, 2018 at 9:28 AM Marc Aramini <marcaramini at gmail.com
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>     My nuclear hot take on the solar cycle: Severian doesn’t lie; Wolfe
>     almost does - but not to me. 

The narrative has Sev flat out lying to Vodalus, despite having taken 
his coin and sworn allegiance, and to his brothers in the Guild.

Why not to us?

>     I just can’t imagine Wolfe would take
>     out the most important person in history and have it change nothing
>     in that history. We still get Alice in wonderland and a Catholic
>     Church and drinking matte in South America and pope’s translation of
>     the odyssey. Jesus didn’t have any impact on history if the solar
>     cycle doesn’t have him.

Ordinarily I would agree with that hypothesis but it's based on a 
materialistic, objectively causal theory of history. After the first 
Edenic manvantara where everything goes right and mankind begets the 
Hierodules before becoming the sublime Hieros and vanishing, the 
Hierodules are left behind but use their access to Briah to try to make 
history conform to the first go-round so they can follow.

So if there is no Jesus, they can supply one. If there is no Gospel, 
they can supply a set. But if there is no LOGOS in them, or him, that's 
up to the Increate. I think Wolfe's notion is that the imitation of 
goodness can mitigate the crapsack world of the Christless future, but 
it's just not the same and the best you can hope for is someone to 
become a vessel for real goodness to influence divine judgement.

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