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On October 1, 2018 Marc Aramini wrote:
>The problem of course is that much like “violet” eyes being a mix or blue
>and red I think spring is a mix of hot and cold (?). If she were named
>winter it would be clear. She’s a teacher in new money. Colette is a
>teacher with money living in Taos Towers- also vaguely Spanish sounding in
i>ts implications. But there’s no reason not to believe that Mrs Peters has
>two children - and I don’t think a surgeon would try to take the identity
>of a school teacher unless the pay off were huge.

I don't think there is any reason to hesitate at this point.  The mix of hot and cold in violet is clear to me.  Spring
is a mix of hot and cold.  Spring is the daughter of the housekeeper and probably spent some time at the Coldbrook
manor in her youth, perhaps enough to have Cob fall in love with her.  She comes back and impersonates Collette and
takes on violet eyes because of her mixed nature.  Nuevo Dinero (new money) also suggests that she has married up.  With
Cob's death, she would come into money if they were married.  How did the inheritance go again?  Mrs. Peters could be
a schemer like Ms. Danvers in *Rebecca*, looking to get her daughter set up at any cost.
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