(urth) ) Goldwurm and blood sucking in Greek Myth in SH; Lamia of Corinth

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Wed May 23 03:30:49 PDT 2018

In this “retelling”, Apollonius (Ambrosius in the text) never figures it
out and gets killed. Bax never sees through the illusion, and that’s why
the ghost is crying at the end. He almost sees through the manjushri
illusion to cut through the duality at one point (manjushri advises him to
team up with Kate Finn to “find his brother”, but that results in a way to
literally and metaphorically take his brother’s life).

I wonder how Jesus like Wolfe wanted to make that master figure in regards
to resurrection, etc.

On Wednesday, May 23, 2018, Ab de Vos <foxyab at casema.nl> wrote:

> Great, a minor breakthrough. Another gold nugget.
> http://www.tektonics.org/copycat/apollonius.php
> Is there an illusion dispelled somewhere in relation to the house?
> Op 23-5-2018 om 03:05 schreef Marc Aramini:
>> Life of Appolonius
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