(urth) some help? Mary King (famous equestrian), Riverman (famous stud horse), and horse races vs. the Odal rune (inheritance) in Sorcerer's house (Marc Aramini)

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One other disturbing (or potentially confusing) thing involves how the
first letter of Millie arrives ... her name is Millicent Kay Dunn (m k?)
... she advises bax not to trust Doris and to go for Martha Murrey instead
. That seems like a web too far, but in my writeup I discuss the chain of
possibly supernatural things that leads to Millie’s letter being found at
the end of it. Dissing Doris and endorsing Martha would be in line with the
supposed MO of a jealous kikimora but how on earth could we ever presume to
think Millie is anything but a goal post for Bax?
While I love solving puzzles, there seemed to be far less off the page in
many earlier works. I really don’t like reaching for things, believe it or
not. Mary King and the presence of the long fingered funky handed guy
shaking down some dude about Bax’s friends in prison, with accounts of that
man in newspapers from exactly 40 years ago, bax’s Age and Martha murrey’s
apparent age, all seems like it should add up to something. Even the
wolf/bear murders - there are three. Only one is a man, setting it up as
“different” and real. The others are Martha’s neighbor (remember Mrs.
nabor?) and a nurse (Martha always wanted to be a nurse.) the third is some
guy ... huh.

On Thursday, May 10, 2018, Marc Aramini <marcaramini at gmail.com> wrote:

> Well ... if we are looking at this as mirrored halves, it would seem to me
> that would imply Mary king and Kiki are the same around the fulcrum of the
> dinner - both have shrouds etc. I have good reason not to associate Doris
> with the supernatural at all, and as the valid love interest being chased
> away, because her super short letters are the inner ring of the triannulis,
> and because her middle name is Rose (Rosemary, though gee that resonates
> with Mary too argh), and because the fox kimono shows a fox chasing off a
> rabbit - Dorris is the rabbit being chased off, not a spirit. The kikimora
> brings dreams both to a man and his real-world love interest to drive them
> apart. Doris says she is going crazy and will wind up like crazy  Kiki if
> she keeps hanging out near his insane house.
> In the chapter fox and wolf ... bax talks to mrs. Nabor and Mrs. Murrey.
> How frustrating is that?
> On Thursday, May 10, 2018, Robert Pirkola <rpirkola at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Okay, I see what you mean about the dreamlike nature of the dinner scene
>> having looked at the start of it again.  A couple of things popped into my
>> mind in doing so.  First, just before they run into Kiki, whose name is a
>> palindrome and who speaks palindromically.  This in a chapter at the heart
>> of a book of mirrored halves.  If the kikimora is associated with the
>> foxface and they meet her on the trip to the restaurant and on the return
>> trip from the restaurant they meet Mary King, then they should be different.
>> Mary King phonetically is close to "American".  Doris introduces herself
>> and then asks the apparition for her name which she says is "Mary King".
>> If she responds "American" and disappears, what does this signify?  On page
>> 155 when Bax is writing to Shell before the Silver Bullets chapters, Mary
>> King is inquired after, even though we won't meet her for several more
>> chapters.  Just before he asks that question, Bax refers to Doris as his
>> "American girlfriend".  Doris = Mary King.
>> If Doris is otherwise associated with Lupine then the divisions of the
>> characters breaks out more evenly:
>> Doris/Mary King/Lupine
>> Martha Murrey/Kiki/Foxface
>> On May 10, 2018 Marc Aramini wrote:
>> >The question is in how to divide the
>> >two spirits that are not "real" - they exist, but they aren't of everyday
>> >stuff. One would seem to be Kiki and the other Lupine, but she wears
>> skins.
>> >It is not clear which Mary King is associated with.
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