(urth) some help? Mary King (famous equestrian), Riverman (famous stud horse), and horse races vs. the Odal rune (inheritance) in Sorcerer's house

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Thanks for responding Jeffery. Finn also means "fair," which could be
contrasted with Skotos (Darkness), Murrey (dark purple almost black) and
Mr. Black.

In my opinion Wolfe became slightly too minimalist post 2010 in presenting
these puzzle pieces - it's almost impossible to faithfully reconstruct the
events from 40 years ago with confidence in this text. Mary King, who is
emphasized as an important part of the puzzle, is given like three lines
dedicated to her in the book, during which she is presented far before she
appears, and then appears only to disappear near a cemetery and say she is
headed the same place Bax is headed ... The text even says details about
her will be important "no matter how nebulous" - gee.

While I am confident in my reading of Home Fires, I had to make the biggest
leap ever to understand who Coleman Baum was - there wasn't enough in the
text to train me. Consider the difference in Fifth Head of Cerberus: the
names of three women on St. Crois - Pheadria, Nerissa, and Urania. When I
found that Phaedria was a type of moth, I KNEW that Nerissa and Urania
would be moths or butterflies BEFORE I EVER LOOKED THEM UP. People say that
you can force Wolfe into any pattern, but you simply can't. I couldn't do
this with character names in any other of his novellas, and knew with
certainty that it would be so, because I had already internalized the
patterns in that particular text. Extra research is just verification of a
conclusion reached through other means.



I already knew these women had a metamorphic stage to their life cycle and
I didn't even really need to do that extra textual research. Many many
times I know that what I am looking up for verification is not apophenia
because the text has already taught me I will find what I expect once I
literalize metaphors or switch them to ironic statements and follow them to
their logical conclusions. I was not surprised to find that on the island
of Philae where Latro ends up in the last Soldier book all of the symbols
of the Egyptian Gods save to Horus were erased by Christian iconoclasts in
history - it was exactly what I was expecting from the text, though it
isn't in the book.

But the introduction of a different name here and a friend of Martha dying
in such a way becomes very difficult to integrate into a book already built
on a triple structure that occasionally seems to violate it, with Cathy
Ruth and Kate Finn being the two most obvious and egregious "outliers" that
might just be another manifestation of the triple structure - right after
we get the warning that  of what seems to be "She comes" from Winkle, Cathy
Ruth calls and enters the text - but that She could be lupine, kiki, mary
king, martha, Madame Orizia, or even Kate Finn, and those identities could
blur into one another.

The final dinner at Lakeshore, where the waitress can't seem to remember
that Bax orders his food done a particular way, and Cathy Ruth and her
jeweler soon-to-be father in law come over, she finding the note about the
werewolf and the jeweler refusing to answer how he knows Skotos, also seems
to be very dreamlike, but how can we integrate these characters into the
waking world? The fractures here require some serious extra-textual
assumptions to force into a linear pattern at the finest level.

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> On 04-May-18 9:11 AM, Marc Aramini wrote:
>> Martha Murrey says that she had a friend  named Nina O'Brien who was run
>> down in the street but people only cared about the Hound of Horror stories
>> ... If she is a spirit that lingers forty years passed, then ... who is
>> Nina O'Brien and when did she die? (this does create a weird link between
>> the deceased friend of Martha and the hound of horror, but that is
>> nebulous). Emlyn winds up in a pact with Lupine - does this parallel Bax's
>> final alliance with Kate Finn? Is the Irish connection of O'Brien and Finn
>> enough to parallel those two? (i.e. - is Kate Finn the face of Lupine like
>> Martha Murrey might be the face of the benevolent Kikimora?) Are we to
>> assume that the spirits also have triple identities, two assumed and one
>> true? If so, how does that work?
> If Nina O'Brien was pregnant, perhaps there were two spirits generated at
> the one time.  Also, Finn may be Finnish rather than Irish, since kikimora
> is also Urgo-Finnish.
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