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My comment was meant to be ironic.  I could've dropped a smiley but I figured a Wolfe reader would catch on.

I'm not offended, just surprised and a little amused.  Cassie *is* an object, you know - she's a character in a book.

BTW, my wife had three children and never once had morning sickness.

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Dear Paul,

I do not know if I am on the right list, but I hope I am. I did not mean to offend, and I know that shrill scolding accomplishes nothing. The matter is close to my heart. I have friends who have died and family affected and I got heated up. My apologies to Robert and to the list for my outburst.

To respond (perhaps) more usefully to the interesting points that Robert

1) The James B. Jordan material is interesting, and I always appreciate an excuse to read Revelations again. My main reservation about Cassie's being pregnant is, who's the father? If it were Reis or Chase, then I think she would have lost the baby while she was stranded on the island. 
And that would be a terrible thing, and if it were true within the precincts of the story, I think . . . I just think this . . . Wolfe would have alluded to this terrible loss. To lose a child is a terrible, terrible thing.

And I do not think Cassie was pregnant when she was rescued from the island.

Know how I know?  Madame Pavlatos would have known and she would have said something.

1a) It's been a couple of years since I read the book and if I have facts mixed up, please do correct me.

2) >>>Is she being fattened up for sacrifice?

Somehow I think not. It just goes against the idea of the story. I invoke no textual evidence. The idea feels wrong. Just my two cents. 
With Reis, there has been sacrifice enough.

3) There is no mention of morning sickness, or none that I can tell. She is busy spearing fish on that island where she was dropped, then going to Woldercan. While mourning the man whom she actually loves.

3a) She loves Reis. Not Chase, but Reis. Yet she is going to Woldercan, to be with Chase and perhaps for other reasons. I find this fascinating and undefinable. If she is somehow impregnated with the spawn of the Storm God, maybe she wants to move that spawn away from earth and onto another world, except that is a psychopathic action that I do not think Cassie would do.

4) I think it is possible to overanalyze a lot of this. I think Wolfe means well for his readers and wants first to entertain. I think he did An Evil Guest mostly for fun. I can tell he was having a great time when he wrote it.

5) It's also a very ambitious novel developed with an economy that only a master writer can impose.

6) I am really quite mentally crackers, which requires a lot of personal energy and time, so I am sure I am missing a lot, and I am sure there is a lot I can learn from your ideas about Wolfe and AEG.

7) I'll have to go back and read the Dunwich Horror now, too.

Wishing you the best while cackling at that mad shadow over there and remaining your


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