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When George finally shows up at the reading of the will, urban trelawny pulls a gun on him and George says go ahead do it shoot me. When Bax enters his basement he breaks down a door and finds a dwarf, Quorn, who says go ahead and shoot me I’m ironskin. Bax thinks he is based on Quilp from The Old Curiosity Shop, who had a beautiful wife even though he was malevolent. the wife finally made a good match.  Getting revenge on his brother and stealing his wife is one of Bax’s goals here, and Madame Orizia’s mention of Quorn and a few of 4,700 plus seems like collusion to get the wife. 

As I may or may not have made clear, in Bax’s original version he knocks a rat from Doris with a flashlight and says he shot at a door and then tried to shoot the dwarf but the gun wouldn’t fire. In his letter to shell he says he shot at a door and tried to shoot a rat afterwards but the gun would not fire, no mention of the dwarf. 

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