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Marc - have you read The Dying Grass, the most recent installment of Seven Dreams?  I haven't gotten to it yet myself but it is supposed to have a very interesting style whereby the text on the left is meant to be the central action and dialogue whereas the text on the right of the page is background and the hum of secondary conversations which I can only imagine makes for a unique reading experience.  You Bright and Risen Angels certainly had SF leanings and other of his books have mythological/fantasy elements like GW, most prominently The Ice Shirt's incorporation of Norse myths.  As for his other works, even if the subject matter isn't to one's tastes, the gorgeous writing is just as strong and has carried me to a profound enjoyment of all that he writes about, whether its walking the Tenderloin or hopping trains, or musing on the lives of migrant workers in the UAE.  Whores For Gloria was my favorite of his novels involving prostitutes, but the concerns of the novel are not sensationalism but empathy and understanding.  Give 'em another try!

P.S.  I'll probably put a jinx on the whole thing, but the online archives are working again.
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