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It's actually in an interview with James Jordan here

*GW:* Not tremendously. It was just at the time I was planning a third book
and I wanted to get him into the Semitic world. [Moving from] the Hellenic
world that these two books were laid in very largely and to involve him
with the Phoenicians and the Jews and the Syrians and that part of the
world. When I originally conceived the series I wanted to do a tour of the
ancient world so to speak. And I had hoped in fact to get him into the new
world where there were the Mayan and the so on the various American Indian
civilizations. They really dislike the term Native American, Indians. I
realize Indians is not a very good term for them I don't think Native
Americans is a good term either. I wanted to do all those things and after
the second book David Hartwell, my editor, called me up and told me not to
write the third one. He now denies that by the way but he did.

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> I have been seeking in vain for any evidence that Latro meets Jews or
> Judaeans along the way.
> The most obvious place would have been at Yeb a.k.a. Elephantine Island,
> from where there are a
> heap of papyri dating from exactly the time that L. visits (spans 525 to
> 420 BCE), written by members of the Jewish community there eg
> "On the 18th of Paophi, in the 4th year of Artaxerxes the king [461 BCE],
> in Yeb the fortress, said Malchiah b. Joshibiah, Aramaean, holding property
> in Yeb the fortress, of the detachment of Nabukudurri...I should challenge
> you by Herembethel the god before 4 judges: I did not enter your house by
> force..."
> They were originally Judaean mercenaries manning the fortress. Their
> temple has five doors that probably represent Yahu (the God of Heaven), but
> also Bethel (Canaanite, Herembethel is "house/temple of Bethel"), Anathya'u
> (possibly Syrian, the queen of heaven) etc.
> My original thinking was that Seven Lions might have something to do with
> Ethiopian Beth Israel Jewry, Sheba etc etc - he originally came from the
> south.
> Cheers, David Duffy.
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