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Robert Pirkola rpirkola at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 23 08:54:46 PDT 2018

I just received my copy of William T. Vollmann's *No Immediate Danger: Volume One of Carbon Ideologies* and was pleasantly surprised to find one of my top-five favorite writers quoting another -- Gene Wolfe!  It contains this epigraph:

"We all have in us the ghosts of long-vanished things, of fallen cities and marvelous machines.  Gene Wolfe, 1982"

For ease of reference it is from *The Sword of the Lictor*, Chapter XXVI, Above the Jungle.

Vollmann has read widely in science fiction starting in the late 1960's and has cited James Blish's *Cities In Flight* as amongst his favorite books.  Obviously, he has not idly consumed the Book of the New Sun as well.
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