(urth) Alzabo Soup starts Shadow of the Torturer this Friday

Alzabo Soup alzabosoup at gmail.com
Sun Oct 1 16:10:05 PDT 2017

This is just a quick reminder that this Friday, 10/6 at midnight EST,
Alzabo Soup will begin our chapter-by-chapter discussion of The Shadow of
the Torturer. If you're interested, here's what you need to know:

--You can subscribe through Itunes, Google Play, or Stitcher by searching
for "Alzabo Soup" on the podcasts storefront, or visit
Http://alzabosoup.libsyn.com to listen directly.

--We plan to do 1-2 chapters per week (this first week will cover an
introduction to our approach and Chapter 1).

--We're using the 1994 "Shadow & Claw/Sword & Citadel" printing.

--We do plan on going through all four books of BotNS and The Urth of the
New Sun in this manner, potentially with short breaks between each book.
The whole project will likely take a year or more to complete.

Thanks, and let us know if you listen!
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