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Don't forget the plastic gloves.

Op 17-11-2017 om 16:00 schreef Eric Bourland:
> Yeah. It's not slightly funny. The kid is just angry. I'll turn him 
> over my knee. ;-)
> On 11/17/2017 9:57 AM, Marc Aramini wrote:
>> I think it is supposed to be a joke, but damn it just isn’t funny. 
>> Sorry to point your attention to something so frustrating ...
>> On Friday, November 17, 2017, Eric Bourland <eb at hwaet.com 
>> <mailto:eb at hwaet.com>> wrote:
>>     You know, I just wasted ten minutes of my morning to scold this
>>     young man in the comments. I do not know if my comment will
>>     persist. I might have gotten a little hot under the collar myself.
>>     Friend,
>>     Wolfe was drafted in his early twenties and sent to war. If you
>>     read his Letters Home, you will learn more about that: a
>>     collection of loving, reassuring letters that he wrote to his
>>     worried mother while he was stationed in Korea. He was barely
>>     twenty-one or twenty-two. He's not fascist in the slightest and
>>     not even particularly conservative; his reflections, in books
>>     like Peace or Free Live Free, on the nation of America are loving
>>     of America and its people and the people of the world. If
>>     anything, he laments the foolishness of politicians. In books
>>     like Home Fires and A Borrowed Man, you can tell he has put a
>>     great deal of thought, and a lot of reading, into the results of
>>     fascism, nationalism, populism, capitalism. It might come off as
>>     small-minded to bring up his very early work in the 1960s; it's
>>     not fair or advisable to judge the tone or intention of a writer
>>     by his juvenalia. He was drafted by the military-industrial
>>     complex of America and sent to war. He shot at people who were
>>     shooting at him, and none of them, I imagine, wanted to be there.
>>     I am not trying to offend you, but the sarcastic tone of your
>>     text comes across as anger, rather than an appreciation. You
>>     mostly just sound angry. It's OK to be angry, but I don't know if
>>     it's useful to take it out on Gene Wolfe. Yours,
>>     Eric Bourland
>>     On 11/17/2017 8:47 AM, Marc Aramini wrote:
>>>     Here is a kind of strange profile of wolfe at the top ... I
>>>     suppose it is supposed to be a little tongue in cheek but
>>>     considering that Wolfe was drafted and both my parents served in
>>>     the military I didn’t appreciate the “killing babies in Asia”
>>>     line even if it was a joke ... a bit tone deaf.
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