(urth) Any strong defenders/defenses of LAND ACROSS?

David Stockhoff dstockhoff at verizon.net
Thu Jan 15 17:53:44 PST 2015

On 12/18/2014 4:25 PM, Greg Kurzawa wrote:
> 4. The Archbishop was not the Undead Dragon.
> 5. Grafton pushed the Archbishop from the tower, but it wasn't the 
> real Archbishop.
> 6. The Archbishop (at the time he "jumped" from the tower) was an 
> Imprint Doll.
> 7. (I like this one) The Russ that Grafton met in prison was actually 
> an Imprint Doll, probably the very same Doll that "jumped" from the tower.


The imprint dolls are a pain, like playing with a deck full of wild 
cards. I guess we need to look for anything out of the ordinary, just as 
in a Wolf novel with androids.

(1) When the archbishop dies, there is a small bit of blood: "a tiny dot 
of red."

(2) The archbishop moves "a lot faster than I would have thought a man 
his age could."

(3) "People in movies scream all the way down," but "He did not make a 
single sound until he hit."

Very ambiguous. Unfortunately, I don't think we have a good idea of how 
the dolls behave, nor how the Undead Dragon would behave. The guy seemed 
pretty much like an old archbishop to me.

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