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Almost done with my "Eyeflash Miracles" write up and there is one thing
that keeps bugging me about the story - the juxtaposition of the stories of
Krishna and Christ in Little Tib.  In one, we have a rich and affluent
birth/divine manifestation in which the child is given to cowherds to
raise, in the other, the actual birth in a lower class family of God.

This is the primary question of Eyeflash - was he born in the rich,
modified group (two sets of parents) or did he arise naturally (one set of
parents)? Little Tib asserts that he was not born of that affluent group.

Is the Mr. Jefferson who comes for him at the school his wealthy father or
the false identity of his poor one, George Tibbs, who wants to believe that
he is related to "presidents"?  The wizard reverses time and then George
Tibbs shows up instead of Mr. Jefferson (and Little Tib flees).

So ... was Mr. Jefferson always George Tibbs  or is Mr. Jefferson the rich
affluent father? Did the Wizard actually alter reality so that there was
only one set of parents at the end, or is there really only one set all
along (the poor parents)?

The difference between these two scenarios is the difference between Tib's
association with Krishna and his association with Christ.  When he thinks
of Dr. Prithivi's dream working through him, "he thought of what Indra had
said - that his mother was not his real mother, and knew that that could
not be so" when Indra claims, "Gods aren't born in cow sheds." ... but they
are born that way in the Christian scheme.

I feel that the genetically engineered subplot is, while not coincidental,
a false secular explanation for Little Tib.
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