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On 10/5/2014 9:15 PM, Lee wrote:
>> Jeffrey Wilson: I believe Wolfe's stated in at least two previous interviews that he
>> doesn't give that information out because it would cheat the careful
>> reader of the pleasure of discovering it for himself. But that doesn't
>> mean he finds the necessary consequences entirely satisfactory.
> That sounds reasonable on the surface. But consider the real world results.
> We have a few published analysts and many on this board who are more than
> careful, and often excruciatingly exacting in their detailed reading of Wolfe's
> work.  Yet each one still seems to come to quite differing and individualized
> understandings.

This does not make it sound any less reasonable to me. There is no 
particular need for all the puzzles to be of the same difficulty or the 
answers to have the same verifiability. Some of the easiest puzzles may 
have the hardest to verify answers if the hardest puzzles are built on 

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