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That's actually a really sweet interview.

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> An interesting bit about the politics of _The Land Across_:
> > Q: “The Land Across” is your newest novel. What did this book allow you
> to explore that previous ones had not?
> >
> > Wolfe: What I did in that book particularly was to take a tyrannical,
> political setup and show it from the inside: The reason that the people who
> were involved considered a dictatorship necessary. We seem to think of that
> sort of thing as an unmitigated evil. But democracy depends upon
> individuals being willing to contribute and take part in the democratic
> process.
> >
> > In other words, they have to look at the people who are running for
> office and in some cases running for office themselves and make reasoned
> judgments on the thing and then write letters and protest and so on. And if
> they are not willing to do that, if they resign from the whole process of
> government, then you can’t really get anywhere with a democracy. The
> democracy naturally lapses into some sort of a tyrannical setup.
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