(urth) Wolfe video part 2: Fifth Head of Cerberus

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Fri Nov 21 21:42:35 PST 2014

Definitely read the entire article on Ultan's for textual support which I
couldn't get into on the video.

 Life cycle of Abos: larva, adult motile stage, tree "carapace" sessile
stage.  Shadow children: infectious group organism. The middle story is
both literal and metaphorical in anthropomorphizing the shadow children.

The bite is the conclusion of the switching drama in a story, and it is the
reason Marsch gives for being unable to write ... These misunderstood
ironic truths that seem like lies are a hallmark of Wolfe's style.

Yes the vest with a coat is my usual teaching style.

On Friday, November 21, 2014, Robert Pirkola <rpirkola at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Finally had a chance to watch this second part tonight.  I need to read
> FHC again
> to engage intelligently in any debate (or concurrence) but it is good to
> see
> this discussion branching out.  I firmly believe that there is an
> objective "bottom"
> to this story that just needs sussing out and we are not quite there yet.
> On a meta-note
> the waistcoat was a step up from the first edition's blue shirt.
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