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Awesome, thank you for that overview!  I'm going to take note of all those

I think Powers is excellent. Here's what I wrote about him last year:


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> Well, I was particularly enamored of *Two Years Before the Mast* by
> Richard Henry Dana, Jr., as it
> was full of good information about sailing and ships and how to operate
> them in general while also
> being an amazing story full of interesting characters that give a good
> account of California before it
> became a bustling economy.  "The Gold Bug" by Poe was fun for purposes of
> unearthing some
> of the tropes of buried treasure/pirate lore,
> as was *Treasure Island* (which led me to watch the film version with
> Wallace Beery as Long John Silver
> just last night which was a real delight.  He was given the most lovable
> send-off that ever a bloodthirsty
> murderous dog like him could expect.)  I am about 40 pages into *Captains
> Courageous* right now and am
> absolutely hooked (my first Kipling I believe).  *Billy Budd* is supposed
> to be next but I am rather anxious
> to get back to Wolfe.  I also ordered *A General History of the Robberies
> and Murders of the Most Notorious
> Pirates* ostensibly written by Captain Charles Johnson.  It was actually
> put together by Daniel Defoe and has
> passages on several of the pirates mentioned in *Pirate Freedom*'s
> dedication page so I thought it could
> be worthwhile source material, so I'm looking forward to that.
> I was actually flirting with *On Stranger Tides* while ordering *A General
> History* having heard
> recommendations for Powers from listers.  I haven't read him myself.  As
> for other contemporary
> novels of piracy, I have had Crichton's *Pirate Latitudes* laying about my
> house since his passing
> but haven't read it.  I suppose now is a good a time as any.
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