(urth) Three in TLA Ch 1

Gerry Quinn gerry at bindweed.com
Fri Nov 14 04:35:53 PST 2014

On 14/11/2014 00:25, Stephen Hoy wrote:
> Awhile back we noted that 'the good old Hotel Sacher' alludes to 
> novel/film The Third Man. Also, a recent discussion connected The Land 
> Across to The Third Policemen (which I recently cycled through as a 
> result of discussion on this list).
> There are some other allusions to "three" in the opening paragraphs of 
> TLA. For example, in the third paragraph,
> << At first I tried to get in by air. Lufthansa has service, but there 
> are only two flights a week. I booked twice and had both canceled. The 
> third did not land at the capital, saying bad weather. It went 
> straight on to Ankara. >>
> Three flights, ending in Ankara, central city of ancient Galatia, 
> recipient of Paul's epistle explicating the nature of the Trinity.

Rule of Three?  The above seems to fit well enough.

- Gerry Quinn

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