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Andreas Johansson andreas.havok at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 07:46:41 PST 2014

Just started reading *Soldier of Sidon*, after a break in my Wolfe
consumtion. Regarding the foreword - I think it was signed by "G.W." or
Gene Wolfe in the *Latro in the Mist* omnibus, but it isn't credited to
anyone in Sidon - he makes a couple of seemingly erudite claims about
ancient Egypt, or rather the historical study of it. I'm just wondering,
how true are these claims? I mean, does it hold up in the light of real
life Egyptology/ancient history/archaeology? Especially regarding the
armies and weaponry of Egypt and the Nubians.

(a side-note regarding Wolfe's Catholicism: I'm a born and raised Atheist,
with increasing Agnostic tendencies. It wasn't until I started following
this list that I understood that Wolfe was, indeed, a practicing Catholic,
and then I had already read through BotNS at least twice, so no, you can
definitely enjoy Wolfe without one inch of faith in Yahve/the Increate or
his prophet(s) - however, reading Wolfe, and following your insightful
debates & analyses on this list, my understanding of not just Catholic
faith but the nature of religious beliefs in general has definitely
developed massively, much more than though any church visit or Sunday TV
sermon in my adult life. Thus, if I suddenly convert in a couple of years,
old Gene is probably to blame.).


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