(urth) Has the list died? Test.

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I tried to organize something similar, and sometimes there was plenty of
participation, sometimes no comments on a story for months. I tried to do
it more or less chronologically.  I am done with half of his stories, up to
1987.  Obviously popular stories will get more attention.  About ten
stories into my project I realized if I wanted it to be fruitful I would at
the very least have to come up with compelling questions for each story,
and at best ... answer them.

A simple search in the upper corner of urth.net should yield story
discussions from every single one of the first half, and many more of the
later ones throughout the years.  Many many times I would think I had an
original idea, look up something in the urth archives, and realize someone
(often myself) had posted about it back in 2002 or something. I am working
on Wolfe's stories from 1987 now but I needed a few weeks off (All the Hues
of Hell, The Most Beautiful Woman on the World, etc ... the stuff to close
out Endangered Species - I am also rereading through all of Kafka for There
Are Doors and some of Wolfe's other stories clearly heavily influenced by
him - which I think actually constitutes a shift away from rigorous logic
in Wolfe's opus).

[Reviewing the archives is kind of like looking into the twilight zone,
too.  You see completely off the wall lines of inquiries treated with
respect pre-2000, and circa 2002-3 the hostility was off the charts for
topics as obvious and innocuous as Typhon clearly recognizing Severian as
New Sun in their brief exchange or the concept of whether a horn is a
tusk.  Oh man.]

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> I have a suggestion.  I've posted comments on one Wolfe novel and one
> Wolfe short story, but only got a few replies, probably because either
> people hadn't read those particular works, or hadn't read them recently.
> My suggestion is that we read through a book of Wolfe short stories
> together, one story a week.  That should have us all on the same page
> (literally!) and generate some discussion.  My pick would be Innocents
> Aboard, but I'll go along with any collection the group picks.
> Rick Norwood
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> I haven't received any digests in over a week, and even though I wasn't
> that keen on the Is Maths Universal debate, I still liked reading about the
> concepts. Has everyone gone on holiday? Come back everyone!
> Charis, wondering where on Urth everyone is.
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