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> Q: Leaving aside the people you've already named [earlier he'd said he'd read a lot of Lafferty, Le Guin, Knight, Wilhelm, and Budrys and also thought Little, Big was 'an education in modern fantasy all by itself'], who doesn't make you toss the book at the wall?
> A: Lord Dunsany, Chesterton--
> Q: I know, Dickens.  Let's keep the dead out of this.
> A: Ellison, Leiber, King, Singer, lots of good people.
> Then 'they' change the subject.  I assume he's talking about SK.  If so, that's a fairly ringing endorsement from Wolfe - SK's fiction is not garbage and thus doesn't merit being thrown against the wall!  

Calling him Presley also seems quite complimentary, since Elvis wasn't called 'the king' for nothing.
I'm certain I've seen references to SK other than these two, but I haven't any with me at the moment so I can check.

And I think there may be another Singer, but I can't recall the name.
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