(urth) Sightings at Twin Mounds

Mo Holkar mo at holkar.net
Wed May 28 00:36:14 PDT 2014

Mm, my feeling too. I was impressed by the 
internal consistency of the suggested reading, 
but at the moment I can't see sufficient to justify its requirement.

I don't know if the contributor who wrote it 
'Pickwick', is on this list or not, but if so 
then it'd be interesting to hear more,

best wishes,


At 00:04 28/05/2014, Marc wrote:
>Okay I read it through twice ... The ambiguous 
>subtext is " I had a day to kill", "murder would 
>appear to have taken place" and "no doubt I 
>should not have done what I did" talking about 
>entering the house and finding the blood stains. 
>Â The only mention of cannibalism is the origin story of the wendigo. Â
>Someone collecting newspaper clippings on ufos 
>and deciding to eat a random guy still seems a little bit of a stretch. Â
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