(urth) Sightings at Twin Mounds

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I will keep it in mind when I read it again but usually the unreliable
narrators in Wolfe have legitimate narrative reasons beyond being
pathological liars to be so - they are ignorant in short sun, amnesiac in
latro, a parasitic child in VRT ( ie- the death scene of the abo boy victor
Trenchard is not just a made up "lie")... This analysis indicates our
narrator is almost entirely untruthful and murderous ...

Castleview and some of the other third person stories are Wolfe's hardest
to feel confident of adding inferred analysis to because there is little
narrative bias with motive besides the author's need to be cryptic. (This
made Free Live Free an easy work to analyze compared to, say, 7 American
nights with the possibility of hallucinogen AND forgery) If the narrator is
a cannibal there should be some subtext that indicates his desires.  Will
look at it soon.

On Tuesday, May 27, 2014, Mo Holkar <mo at holkar.net> wrote:

> An interesting explanatory theory for this story (from Storeys from the
> Old Hotel) has recently been added to the wiki:
> http://www.wolfewiki.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Stories.SightingsAtTwinMounds
> best,
> Mo
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