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It'll be up after Gannon - Gaiman - two Butler's - one Wolfe (I'm preparing
for two different SF podcasts); all my non-directed reading is on hold.

I blew through Annihilation in about a day, loved it. Looking forward to
the second and third.

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> Has anyone started the second volume of the Southern Reach trilogy yet?
> I'm about halfway through.  It is much slower than the first volume (
> *Annihilation)*, but that is clearly intentional.  There is a sort of
> slow, rolling eeriness to it that plays off the faster-paced first volume
> really well.  Vandermeer knows how to feed little tidbits to keep it
> interesting, even when it meanders.  I like *Authority* quite a bit, and
> am really curious to see where the hell all this strangeness is going.
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