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Marc Aramini marcaramini at gmail.com
Mon May 19 22:22:09 PDT 2014

Yes I think the tor version is the one to go with as the final draft.
 There are a few scenes which are shorter in that version and one chapter
taken out  that changes stubb's character a little bit. I have jotted down
most of the significant differences and when you are done with the novel
you can read my upcoming post, maybe I will finish it by the end of this
week, but it will have spoilers so wait until you are done with the novel.

A few of the interesting but minor changes: Barnes' age goes from 41 to 34.
 A character asked about communing with demons gives an unqualified yes in
the ziesing text but in the tor version hedges them as having "other, and
better, names."
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