(urth) So Where DID the Guard go?

David Stockhoff dstockhoff at verizon.net
Sun May 4 15:13:13 PDT 2014

After looking at the chapter again . . . my assumption has always been 
that the guard was paid off.

On 5/4/2014 4:34 PM, Andrew Mason wrote:
> I'm sure that _Short Sun_ (specifically _In Green's Jungles_) does 
> indeed tell us where the guard went; but I'm equally sure that this 
> was not the answer Wolfe had in mind when he wrote _New Sun_; he 
> wasn't planning _that_ far ahead. So we can still ask what his 
> original intention was. (The presence of the citizen volunteers 
> suggests that either the guard is  quite often absent, or his presence 
> is ineffective.)
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