(urth) So Where DID the Guard Go?

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William -

I believe that this question is answered in the "Short Sun" trilogy. At
least tentatively.

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> Hello folks,  I've been reading the lists for ages-  thanks for the help.
>  I'm now one my second 'hard read' through BOTNS after half a dozen or so
> 'casual reads' since its publication.
> I get tripped up on the fourth sentance.
> Roche indicates, "The guard has gone".
> The popular discussion on this page has historically been "Who asks, 'But
> why would the guard leave?' ?"  in the next paragraph.  While that
> discussion is very useful for introducing us to Wolfe's love of removing
> the net from underneath his readers' high wire, I cannot seem to find any
> place where those who have gone before have asked the more basic question:
> "Yeah, where DID the guard go?"
> The obvious answer is that he's patrolling, a possibility supported by the
> fact that Vodalus fires his weapon, but never indicates at whom.  The issue
> however is that our apprentices are surprised to see the guard gone.  If
> leaving his post to patrol were common, why the confusion over his absence?
> V doesn't seemingly fire at the volunteers, the dialog between he and
> Badger and Thea support this, and only three of the volunteers (those
> pursuing Eata) could have possibly arrived at the site before Sev anyway.
> So where's the guard, and why did V fire his weapon?
> -WHG3
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