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Just read your review and end notes on fifth head. I have a long long write up which has been submitted to Ultan's Library for about eight months on Fifth Head- It does a pretty decent job delineating at exactly which point the cat bite infects Marsch with the parasitic Shadow Children and allows the death of the boy to be "true"- he falls. I don't think the shadow children are the remains of humanity , but I do think the inutile hand we should look for is port mimizon itself with its fingers and all the girls with stick like legs are abos (in a story the walk of the Abos is bird or stork like) Making number five human, the society a bad imitation of degenerating utility and no new buildings, and Marsch something different altogether. I hope the write up is put up sometimes soon. 

I guess I really don't enjoy reading reviews of Shadows of the New Sun though heh heh heh. 

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> Have THE LAND ACROSS on hold at the local library, so hope to start that soon. In the meantime, I've been posting reviews of what I'm reading to my blog at http://stephenrcase.wordpress.com. Search "Wolfe" to view recent reviews of PEACE, FIFTH HEAD, and SHADOWS OF THE NEW SUN. (Also, I tend to view a lot of what I read through a Wolfean lens, so he gets mentioned quite a bit.)
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