(urth) What are you reading?

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Just finished the new Lafferty collection as well. Good to revisit old masters. :)

I can't recommend Jeff Vandermeer's _Annihilation_ highly enough. It's part of a new "trilogy" (the others will be out by September), but each book is going to be quite different. It's the smartest, most entertaining, and most effective continuation of the "weird" tradition I've read in years. He learned everything you're supposed to learn from Bierce, Blackwood, Machen, Lovecraft, C.A. Smith, and the others, and turned it into something fresh.

Poetry: Edith Sodergran, a Finnish poet (translated, don't worry), and I think Wolfe fans would appreciate her sensibilities.

I also read Chambers' _The King in Yellow_ based on all the _True Detective_ buzz. Fun, but not mind blowing.

And my new discovery is Michael Cisco. I don't know how to describe what he writes, so I'll just leave it at that.

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Hello, Urthlings. What are you reading these days?  I haven't been reading much Wolfe lately, so nothing is fresh enough in my mind to participate in some of the other ongoing discussions.

I am working my way through the Harvard Classics.  I just finished the fourth volume, the complete poems in English by John Milton.  Paradise Lost was a treat, as was Franklin's autobiography in the first volume and the New Atlantis by Bacon in the third, which is an old favorite of mine from my philosophy major days.

I've also recently read The Sea, the Sea by Iris Murdoch, which was excellent, and The City of Dreaming Books by Moers, which was great, silly fun.  I also read the first 50 pages of Lookout Cartridge by McElroy and decided to put it back on the shelf for the time being.  It wasn't particularly bad, it was just entirely unsuccessful in grabbing my attention within a reasonable amount of time, together with being written in a very disjointed, unique style.  I will probably get back to it in the near future.

Anyway, I am getting back on a Wolfe kick today by finishing the latter half of The Island of Doctor Death, and Other Stories, and Other Stories. Looking forward to it!

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