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All I can say is that I've really enjoyed reading this series so far, and
I'd be all for putting it in a book format!

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> Well, I am about 33 percent done with Wolfe's published stories after this
> next one, "The Doctor of Death Island" ... I plan on skipping two numbers
> and returning to "The Eyeflash Miracles" and "Seven American Nights" after
> I consider them a bit more.
> I would really like to tear through the 80s more quickly than the 70s, and
> it should be possible since Wolfe's time on long novels and series vastly
> reduced the length and allusive depth of his short fiction. ... However, I
> feel that 7 American Nights and probably Cabin on the Coast in the early
> 80s marked a shift away from SF tropes to more fantastic ones, which are a
> bit less easy to mark "objectively" - some stories might actually have
> unresolvable mysteries, though I don't think anything written before 1980
> actually does.
> The write-ups I feel are least satisfactory are "The Green Wall Said",
> "The Blue Mouse",  "Paul's Treehouse" - though I think the garment district
> uprising in "A Criminal Proceeding" and mentioned briefly in "Operation
> ARES" can explain who is actually rioting in that story, "Hour of Trust"
> (what is the name of the company running everything, whose symbol is gold
> stamped instruments? That write up gave me more problems than you would
> think) "The Island of Doctor Death an Other Stories", and perhaps the Thag
> stories.
> I am most satisfied with "The Changeling", "Many Mansions" - (those houses
> are luring people in and are merely dressed up as familiar, tempting human
> houses with mimicry, and might even be planting something, human-alien
> symbiotic style, inside people through the strong drink), "The HORARS of
> War", and "Trip, Trap" write ups.
> I already know exactly what type of essays I will be finishing up on Long
> Sun, Latro, and Home Fires, but the rest will take some time and I might
> not return to New Sun until the majority of the short fiction and shorter
> novels are done.
> All considered the project might be close to 2,000 pages or so when I am
> done.
> Of course it would need hefty revision and citation, but lately I have
> considered perhaps trying to publish it upon completion - short essays on
> the long fiction in front which would be my own thesis based developments,
> not comprehensive looks at all, and the story analysis section after that.
> A traditional publisher would never touch it, I imagine, and it would be
> far too big for a small or university press, but perhaps an ebook would
> work.  Anyone think that would be viable?  Should I even, say, try to split
> it in half?  Just thought I would see what you guys thought, as this has
> been a WHOLE lot of work, even though I love it.
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