(urth) May 2014 Wolfe interview in _Technology Review_

Mo Holkar mo at holkar.net
Mon Jul 28 01:40:11 PDT 2014

At 07:41 28/07/2014, Matthew wrote:
>Wolfe is obviously too subtle for me at most times (which is why I 
>read this list), and I'm not sure what he's getting at with "never 
>learned the name of the sailor" thing above. The three days and 
>bloody drink make me think of some kind of undead resurrection, but 
>I don't know (and also haven't read Dr. Moreau...). Any ideas?

Given Wolfe's preoccupations, it seems likely he is reading this as 
referring to the crucifixion, which Christ spends in the company of 
two thieves; and after three days he is returned to life.

Whether Wells meant it that way, we can only speculate, but he did 
have religious tendencies (and of course the image is a potent one 
even for non-religious people who are writing for Western culture).


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