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One of my favourite stories by Wolfe:  I've often wondered about the
creature.  As I recall, some character says, laughingly, that its victim
probably *thought* it was a devil or demon - implying that this wasn't at
all the case.

I wondered if it was some sort of avenging angel (think of the monstrous
seraphim and cherubim of Hebrew scripture - Wolfe references the latter to
great effect in another story in this collection, as he also does in
'Quadrifons' from Long and Short Suns).

I also wondered if it was a gryphon or sphinx or some other being from

(I've also never been able to figure out what in the world is a 'friendship
light' is.)


On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 2:43 AM, Antonin Scriabin <kierkegaurdian at gmail.com>

> Working my way through this collection, and checked the Wiki for clues
> pertaining to "The Friendship Light". If one of you threw in the quip about
> the Star Child from 2001, thanks for the laugh!
> As for the story itself, is there a type of demon / vampire from any
> mythology that spurns the heads of its victims? This behavior reminds me of
> certain cats I've known, who will leave snake and mouse heads untouched and
> eat a good portion of the rest.
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